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Posting your ad couldn't be simpler: simply fill in the fields to provide members with the information they need. As an owner, you have complete freedom to choose the information you wish to share on the platform. However, it's important to bear in mind that the accuracy of the offers received will be proportional to the wealth of information disclosed.

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To submit a non-binding offer, please enter the following information in the form below the advertisement:

  • Purchase price: The amount you propose for the property.
  • Type of acquisition: Specify whether you wish to acquire the underlying assets(asset deal) or the shares of the owner company(share deal), or whether you are planning anasset swap.
  • Investment vehicle: Indicate the name of the legal entity that will be used to acquire the property.
  • Capital increase: If the acquisition requires a capital increase on your part, please state this and specify the approximate amount.
  • Desired transaction time: Indicate the period within which you wish to finalize the acquisition.

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